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2021 NCWLOA Rules Reminders

As we begin the 2021 Spring Season here a few reminders that everyone should review. 

Self Starts

Self-start is NOT an option when:

  • The game clock is stopped
  • There is an offside foul
  • The foul is in the critical scoring area
  • There is an alternating possession
  • There is an inadvertent whistle
  • A goal is scored

FAQs on Boundary Balls and Boundary Starts/Re-Starts

There are new rules for 2020 for restarting play when the ball goes out of bounds. When resuming play from out of bounds, a player may:

  • Collect the ball, run onto the field and continue play without pausing;
  • Step onto the field, pause and self-start:
  • Step onto the field and wait for a whistle.

NOTE: When the clock is stopped, the player must come onto the field and wait for a whistle.

Additional information on boundary balls can be found in the US Lacrosse Boundary Ball FAQ document.

FAQs on Free Movement

The new rules for 2020 allow for free movement by players on a whistle or stoppage of play. Players are not required to stand when the official blows the whistle except in certain instances for players who are fouled, caused the foul or are associated with the foul.

Additional information on boundary balls can be found in the US Lacrosse Free Movement FAQ document.

by posted 04/13/2021
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