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NCWLOA Retiree Class of 2020

Dusty Buckley - Bill Busch - Bob Seroski


After long and successful careers of officiating Women's Lacrosse, three of our cherished colleagues, Bill Busch, Daniel "Dusty" Buckley and Bob Seroski, have decided to retire from the field this year. Dusty after 30 years of service and Bob after 33 years of service, 29 championship contests and 26 years of consecutive championship assignments. Over the years, Dusty and Bob have given much to Women's Lacrosse both on and off the field. Although they may be retiring from the field, hopefully they'll still be available to continue sharing their knowledge and expertise with our current and future officials.


Congratulations Bill, Dusty and Bob on your tremendous careers and on your well deserved retirements!


by posted 06/25/2020
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